In UCI EdgeLab, we study and build distributed data management systems. We are interested in systems that span large geographic areas and infrastructures, including cloud and edge environments.

We target applications in the edge and IoT domain such as smart spaces, autonomous cars, and mobile applications.


Wide-area Edge DB (WedgeDB)
 is a distributed database that spans cloud and edge nodes. WedgeDB distributes storage and computes resources close to users to enable fast access. In EdgeLab, we tackle various research problems to realize WedgeDB. These research problems span topics such as consensus, byzantine agreement, transaction processing, and data indexing. Currently, the following are active projects within the WedgeDB scope.

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Efficient Dynamic Clustering: Capturing Patterns from Historical Cluster Evolution. By B Gu, S Kargar, F Nawab. Published in EDBT 2022.
  2. Croesus: Multi-Stage Processing and Transactions for Video-Analytics in Edge-Cloud Systems. By S Gazzaz, V Chakraborty, F Nawab. Published in ICDE 2022.
  3. Extending the lifetime of NVM: challenges and opportunities. By S Kargar, F Nawab. Published in VLDB 2021.
  4. Predict and Write: Using K-Means Clustering to Extend the Lifetime of NVM Storage. By S Kargar, H Litz, F Nawab. Published in ICDE 2021.
  5. CooLSM: Distributed and Cooperative Indexing Across Edge and Cloud Machines. By N Mittal, F Nawab. Published in ICDE 2021.
  6. WedgeChain: A Trusted Edge-Cloud Store With Asynchronous (Lazy) Trust. By F Nawab. Published in ICDE 2021.
  7. AnyLog: a Grand Unification of the Internet of Things. By D Abadi, O Arden, F Nawab, M Shadmon. Published in CIDR 2020.
  8. Blockplane: A global-scale byzantizing middleware. By F Nawab, M Sadoghi. Published in ICDE 2019.
  9. Unifying consensus and atomic commitment for effective cloud data management. By S Maiyya, F Nawab, D Agrawal, A El Abbadi. Published in VLDB 2019.
  10. Blockchain in IoT Systems: End-to-End Delay Evaluation. By M Alaslani, F Nawab, B Shihada. Published in IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2019.
  11. Dpaxos: Managing data closer to users for low-latency and mobile applications. By F Nawab, D Agrawal, A El Abbadi. Published in SIGMOD 2018.