Keep IoT Data in Place

Extract Real-Time Insight from IoT Data at the Edge of the Network
AnyLog enables edge nodes that host isolated collections of IoT data to operate as a single machine that hosts a unified collection of data. This process is done by virtualization – users or applications connect to a single node that provides a unified view of the data and the data is provided from the edge nodes, dynamically and transparently, when data is needed.
When data is requested, AnyLog identifies where the relevant data resides and integrates the data from the different sources to a unified reply. This approach allows users and applications to extract immediate value from their data, in real-time, in a secure way, without the need to move the data to centralized databases or the cloud, and at a fraction of their current costs.

The Outcome:

  • Real-Time view of IoT data at the edge
  • IoT data in silos becomes globally available through industry APIs
  • Substantially reduce the volume of IoT data transferred and managed in the cloud

Using AnyLog, edge nodes process and manage IoT data in an automated way. Users define policies describing how their data needs to be managed and all the rest is automated. Examples of automated processes: schema creation, scaling, High Availability (HA), security, monitoring resources like nodes and sensors in the network.

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